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Project Description

Some lollypopMan fun, mixing 3D and 2D hand crafted animation, playing around with animation styles, smears and such, setting up different moods and rendering setups.

LollypopMan – The Escape

Wow! this animation was just featured at cartoon brew among a bunch of really great pieces! =)

LollypopMan – Swoosh!!!

My first test at mixing up toonboom animate with blender… quite straight forward, then comped all inside blender, fun stuff.

Lollypopman – La Manzana

Multiple arms, many, many, many, of them!!!!… actually only 4 in each side only.

For this piece i made a lot of changes to the rig, from easily controlling the roundness of the arms, to how many arms and legs the character could have, to ik/fk switches for each of them:

Lollypopman – Monopatín

I was was creating this piece just for fun, experimenting, and during that time we found out about loopdeloop and the incredibly short film festival!
…we made it to loopdeloop, but didnt win, all in all it was nice participating, soon we’ll do it again you can see the entry here.

Lollypopman – Saludo Navideño

Just for fun.