Project Description

We have a little announcement, lollypopman is back!, with a new rig and a new style, come with us and enjoy his adventures!!!

#LollypopMan – DanceParty

#LollypopMan – How to flip an egg

#Lollypopman – The Forbidden Apple

Sound Designed by Adolfo Hernandez (SoundBros) and music composing and performance by Kendall Johnson.

#Lollypopman – Is Back

For this one, i had read on Kiribati’s facebook about this little technique for creating a fake specular on a character’s eyes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5luvZw1J9ws and I put it to work, and added a bit of my own, by adding a secondary spec hit with a little glow, everything still created on shader, very flexible indeed.

#Lollypopman – The cake

This was the first animation test of the new design of lollypopman, it seemed to work…

Project Details