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Project Description

This is a very old project, it was fun altogether, we were contacted by our friends at LaManoEstudio great guys that do mainly illustration, and they wanted to bring to life some of the work that they do for a mexican client overseas… Kermato, and so we worked on this project.

The credits:

Project Management: Luciano Munoz
Leader: Pato Molina (patomolina.com)
Design / 3D Models: laManoEstudio
Rigging: Adriano Sanna (adrianosanna.com)
Animation: Luciano Munoz
Fluid Simulation: Francisco Tejo
Beach: David Fenner
Lighting / Shading / Rendering: Michael Humphreys
Live Action (production/shooting/directing): Tiburon
Compositing / Editing / Finishing: Luciano Munoz
Sound Design / Mixing: Adolfo Hernandez (adolfohernandez.com)