Swarovski – “Dwarves”2018-03-05T21:51:38+00:00

Project Description

We were asked to design and develop this two fun Santa Helpers for a 2012 xmas interactive that was set in the heart of the Parque Arauco Mall in Las Condes, Santiago.
The four little animations are activated when kids enter the active zone and they would see them selfs interacting with the little dwarfs, after a few seconds they would start posing with them and the software (not done by us) takes a picture of them and send it to their emails.


Agency: Raya
Look Development: Luciano Muñoz
2D Character Design: Oscar Chávez
2D Texture Painting: Oscar Chávez
3D Character Modeling: Luis Cofré
Character Rigging: Luciano Muñoz
Character Animation: Luciano Muñoz & Luis Cofré
Lighting, Shading, Render & Comp: Luciano Muñoz & Luis Cofré

Project Details