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Project Description

A traves del Universo:

This is the pilot episode for A TRAVES DEL UNIVERSO entitled “SUPERNOVAS”, in wich we were asked to create the entire look & feel, design (including first to final animatics,), and production of the whole first episode until the end, in the course of 3 weeks.
We worked side by side with Manuel Loyola the director from Loops Studio, and with our partners at SoundBros who did the sound design and original music.


From Script to Final Piece: ESTUDIO PINTAMONOS
Screenwriting & Direction: Manuel Loyola
Character Modeling: José Tomás Morandé
Character Rigging: Lucas Marquez
Character Animation: Estudio Pintamonos
Lighting & Rendering: Estudio Pintamonos
Editing: Lucas Marquez
Sound Design: Sound Bros (www.soundbros.com)
Finishing: Luciano Muñoz

Voice Actors


Some preproduction images below:

Project Details