Project Description

So I’ve seen people doing some challenges like #100PhotoDays which means take a pretty picture every day for a hundred days… and it came to my mind that doesn’t seem like a challenge… well so this is what turned out:

For the #100CycleDays challenge you must do every day a different cycle (or loop), so a walk, a jump, a fall, whatever you think works in loop…

The Rules are:

  1. It must loop perfectly.
  2. Render it pretty.
  3. Make one every week day (leave your weekends to relax)
  4. Try not to take more than 3 hours making the whole piece
  5. You are allowed to use other peoples rigs you are only required to do the animation ( i truly recommend the Cookie Flex rig if you’re using blender because you can dress it up and turn it into several different characters).
  6. Upload it to Vimeo and use the tag #100CycleDays
  7. HAVE FUN!.

So, here are the ones I’ve done so far:

Project Details

Skills Needed: