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1.-“No escape” – Final Project Pepe-School-Land – Characters (CC) Blender Institute, based on original characters (C) by Martin Lodewijk
2.-“Si, puedo…” – Animation Excercise, Pepe-School-Land
3.-“LollypopMan – Dance Party” – Personal Project – referenced from:
4.-“Open Door” – Animation Excercise, Pepe-School-Land – Animation referenced from “Lorax”
5.-“Take” – Animation Excercise, Pepe-School-Land
6.-“Run Han Solo, Run!” – Animation Excercise, Pepe-School-Land – referenced from “Tangled”


Luciano Muñoz
Luciano MuñozCharacter Animator
Im an Animator born in Chile (I’m EU National), currently living and working in London, UK in feature animation for VFX films, I can tell you that I love travelling, storytelling, food and beers. I enjoy hanging out with my friends, playing games, and meeting new people!

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